This website is dedicated to students of Ageless Wisdom, but others may of course also have a look.

The Ageless Wisdom literature features many writers, but I have chosen to focus solely on Theosophy – the works of Helena Blavatsky and others, The Esoteric Teachings – the works of Alice A. Bailey, and The Wisdom – the works of Lucille Cedercrans.

My intention is to give an overview of the eternal divine laws that govern the life and existence of all humans, planets, solar systems, and, indeed, the entire universe. That is, the laws as they are described in these works.

In the theosophical and esoteric literature, there are many references to laws and rules. Being a lawyer myself, I was intrigued by these references, and I decided to look them all up to see how many there were – there are 178 named laws. In the process, I also copied those parts of the texts that mentioned or explained the laws.

The quotes described under the heading Laws in General, are the ones I found most interesting. They describe how God is able to manage His system. Reading the Bible, one gets the impression that God exerts His will over more or less innocent people by single acts of charity or punishment, or we see God through His miraculous acts of intervention, for instance, the Immaculate Conception or the Resurrection. It was a revelation for me to discover that God does not control His system through miraculous acts based on who prays the loudest, the longest or in the most correct manner. Rather, God is far more likely to be discovered through extreme order based on imperative regularities similar to the laws of nature, which apply equally to everything and everyone. Well, read for yourself, and make up your own mind.

Apart perhaps from the section Laws in General, I do not imagine that anyone would start reading this material from one end to the other. Nor would I recommend that. Consider the website as a reference guide for study of the divine laws as they are described in the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

All quotes are indicated by author, work and page number. However, the page numbers may be inaccurate, as there may be different versions of the same work.

Enjoy the reading 🙂