The section Groupings requires a little technical explanation: During my review, it turned out that some of the laws are described in relation to each other. For instance, this applies to the laws of Economy, Attraction and Synthesis. This means that a number of quotes about the Law of Economy also contains explanations about the other two laws. In order not to repeat these quotes under each of the laws of the alphabetical index, I have chosen to collect quotes that include several laws in the section of Groupings. Thus, to get the full picture of the Law of Economy it is necessary to examine both of the sections Groupings and Alphabetical.

Overall structure of laws
Cosmic laws on Free Circulation, Harmonious Placement and Formulation
Cosmic laws of Economy, Attraction and Synthesis
Divine Laws of Economy, Relativity and Periodicity
Laws of Evolution, Reincarnation and Karma
Laws of Nature, Soul, Life
Basic Laws for the Public
Ray Laws, Laws of Cleavage
Six Laws and Principles of the New Age