Divine Laws of Economy, Relativity and Periodicity

Lesson 24, page 98 – 102:” The form is always transitory because that is its nature. It is made up of acting, living, intelligent substance that responds to the Will of God. The Will of God is expressed via certain laws that work out as the nature of a life in form. Thus, every form receives its inherent nature from the focused Will of God. Humanity has only to understand that nature to consciously use it to their own advantage.

The Will of God in relationship to substance works out upon this planet via three major laws, which, in turn, manifest a basic nature within all forms.

These laws are:

  1. The Law of Economy which states in effect that all forms shall serve the economy of the One Life. …
  2. The Law of Relativity which states in effect that all forms are interrelated and interdependent within the One Life. …
  3. The Law of Periodicity which states in effect
  1. That every form has its own inherent cycles of growth, maturity, and decline, these cycles being impressed upon it at the moment of its conception by the focused Intent of the consciousness involved.
  2. That the cyclic activity of every form is peculiar to the form itself, yet subject to and contained within the more powerful cycles of that organized Life of which it is a functioning part.”

Lesson 26, page 110: “The three basic Divine Laws of Economy, Relativity, and Periodicity give the form its nature. It is within this nature that the incarnating consciousness is imprisoned, with this nature that we are for a long cycle of growth identified, and by gradual control and right use of this nature that we are finally evolved into a conscious Soul incarnate.”

Lesson 32, page 142 – 143: “Within our solar system, there are seven major Divine Laws and Divine Energies that are the interpretations and expressions our Solar Life gives to Cosmic Love or Pure Reason. These seven are also known as the seven rays and much has been given anent them in other works both by this and by other esoteric writers.

The seven Divine Laws and Energies of Cosmic Love as they may be worked out into manifestation by humanity are enumerated and defined as follows:

  1. The Law of the Focused Will to Love, which states in effect that, .The Power of God may be invoked into manifestation via the focused Will to Love.
  2. The Law of Loving Understanding, which states in effect that, “The energy of Love in the Mind produces right understanding or Wisdom”.
  3. The Law of Service, which states in effect that, “A planned activity of service impulsed by love and carried out in Love results in the manifestation of some fragment of the Divine Plan for Humanity”.
  4. The Law of Transmutation, which states in effect that, “The radiation of Love in the three planes of human endeavor transmutes darkness into Light, ignorance into Wisdom, and discord into harmony”.
  5. The Law of Formulated Knowledge, which states in effect that, “When Divine Love is formulated into concrete science and knowledge, a new heaven and a new earth shall come into being”.
  6. The Law of the Focused Ideal of Christ, which states in effect that, “The Christ shall reappear when humanity recognizes the Christ Principle indwelling everyone”.
  7. The Law of Initiated Growth, which states in effect that, “Through the initiation of a planned activity of growth, human beings may cooperate with the Law of Evolution to reach a desired goal of spiritual development”.”
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