Economy – Cosmic Law, Third Aspect, the Law of Matter
ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
39: “The Ray of intelligent activity. This is a ray of a very demonstrable glory, and of a higher point of development than the other two, being the product of an earlier mahakalpa, or a previous solar system. It embodies the basic vibration of this solar system, and is its great internal fire, animating and vitalising the whole, and penetrating from the centre to the periphery. It is the cause of rotary motion, and therefore of the spheroidal form of all that exists.

… the Law of Economy is the law governing the internal fires of the system …”

142: “The Third Logos. The third Logos, or Brahma, is characterised by active intelligence; His mode of action is that which we call rotary, or that measured revolution of the matter of the system, first as a grand totality, setting in movement the material circumscribed by the entire ring-pass-not, and secondly differentiating it, according to seven vibratory rates or measures into the seven planes. On each of these planes the process is pursued, and the matter of any plane within the plane ring-pass-not shows first as a totality and then as a sevenfold differentiation. This differentiation of matter is brought about by rotary motion, and is controlled by the Law of Economy (one of the cosmic laws) with which we will deal later, only pausing here to say that this Law of Economy might be considered as the controlling factor in the life of the third Logos.”

144: “The Law of Economy has for one of its branches a subsidiary Law of marked development called the Law of Repulsion. The cosmic Laws of Attraction and Economy are therefore the raison d’être (viewed from one angle) of the eternal repulsion that goes on as Spirit seeks ever to liberate itself from form.”

658: “Three Cosmic Laws. …

The third law is the Law of Economy, and is the law which adjusts all that concerns the material and spiritual evolution of the cosmos to the best possible advantage and with the least expenditure of force.  It makes perfect each atom of time, and each eternal period, and carries all onward, and upward, and through, with the least possible effort, with the proper adjustment of equilibrium, and with the necessary rate of rhythm.  Unevenness of rhythm is really an illusion of time, and does not exist in the cosmic centre.  We need to ponder on this, for it holds the secret of peace, and we need to grasp the significance of that word through,for it describes the next racial expansion of consciousness, and has an occult meaning.”

1182: “Students may find it of use to remember that,

  1. The Law of Economy demonstrates as an urge,
  2. The Law of Attraction as a pull,
  3. The Law of Synthesis as a tendency to concentrate at a centre, or to merge.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: White Magic, page
323: “The man who aims at providing a point of contact, between conditions of chaos and Those Who work for constructive ends and order, should likewise use that most necessary factor of common-sense in all that he does.  This involves always obedience to the law of economy of force, due to discrimination, and a true sense of values.  Where these are present, time will be economised, strength will be husbanded, energy will be wisely distributed, excessive zeal will be eliminated, and the Great Ones will be able to depend upon an aspirant’s sagacity and thus find a helper.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Applied Wisdom, Dark Forces, page
192: “What does the Law of economy deal with? Basically it deals with the manifestation, does it not? It is the economy of the substantial forces of an organized life that results in manifestation, one kind of manifestation or another.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Creative Thinking, Lesson 24, page
98: ”The Will of God in relationship to substance works out upon this planet via three major laws, which, in turn, manifest a basic nature within all forms.

These laws are:

  1. The Law of Economy which states in effect that all forms shall serve the economy of the One Life. …
  2. The Law of Relativity …
  3. The Law of Periodicity …

ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
209 – 10: “By the application of the Rod, the fire of kundalini is aroused, and its upward progress directed. The fire at the base of the spine, and the fire of mind are directed along certain routes, or triangles, by the action of the Rod as it moves in a specified manner. There is a definite occult reason, under the Laws of Electricity, behind the known fact that every initiate, presented to the Initiator, is accompanied by two of the Masters, who stand one on either side of him. The three of them together form a triangle which makes the work possible.

Energy – the laws of obscuration
ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
880 – 81: “Knowledge is the right apprehension of the laws of energy, of the conservation of force, of the sources of energy, of its qualities, its types and its vibrations.  It involves an apprehension of:

  1. The different key vibrations.
  2. The centres whereby force enters.
  3. The channels along which it circulates.
  4. The triangles and other geometrical figures which it produces during evolution.
  5. The cycles and the ebb and flow of energy in connection with the different types of planetary manifestation, including all the kingdoms of nature.
  6. The true significance of those force aspects which we call “periods of pralaya” and those we call “periods of manifestation.”  It also involves a right realisation of the laws of obscuration.”

Energy follows thought
ALICE A. BAILEY: Discipleship in the New Age I, page
89: “Visualization is the initial step in the demonstration of the occult law that “energy follows thought”.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Discipleship in the New Age II, page
424: “We have, therefore, in these five points of revelation, the expression of five hierarchical laws; it is interesting to realise that only the first point of revelation has been formulated into a law capable of ordinary human comprehension; this is the law that “energy follows thought” and that “the eye directs that energy.” Mankind has reached the stage where comprehension of this first point of revelation is becoming possible and two factors have made this possible:

  1. The formulation of this law related to energy coincided with modern scientific discovery, for today it is recognised that everything that exists is essentially energy in some form or another.
  2. The enormous number of aspirants who have taken or who were in process of taking the first initiation.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Creative Thinking, Lesson 18, page
71: “One of the first laws of the mind to be grasped and understood by the seeker is a simple one that most of you have heard many times: “Energy follows thought”. This is a fundamental truth which carries many connotations that must be understood in their entirety before People become the masters of their form-nature or their own fate. …

The three recondite laws behind the fact that energy follows thought can be defined in the following manner:

  1. The Law of Polarity. When the polar forces of Will and Mind are brought into a relationship with one another, the creative process begins. A magnetic field is created within the mind by that polarity.
  2. The Law of Magnetic Control. When a magnetic field is created within the mind and maintained there, mental substance is set into motion in the pattern dictated by the will. A thought is born via the magnetic control of substance.
  3. The Law of Precipitation. When a thought is born, a triangle of precipitating energy has been brought into juxtaposition with time and space. The magician (regardless of whether aligned with the white or dark forces), must consciously appropriate and wield these three laws in order to create a predetermined circumstance or situation in the magician’s life and affairs. Please realize that this is not theory. There are today, as there have always been, those in the world who live alone by the creative process described above.

People who are just endeavoring to become mentally polarized are confronted with the necessity to understand these three major laws having to do with the creative process.”

Enforced Unity
ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
215: “The first Aspect, or the will to exist, is governed by the Law of Synthesis, and the activities of the cosmic entities who are its embodiments are governed by the law of enforced unity, and of essential homogeneity. It is the law that eventually comes into play after spirit and matter are blending, and adapting themselves each to each; it governs the eventual synthesis of Self with Self, and finally with the All-Self, and also of essence with essence in contra-distinction to the synthesis of matter and Spirit.”

Equality of Rhythm
ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Healing, page 105 – 112
105 – 106: “Three Major Laws of Health. There are three major laws of health and seven minor laws.  These work out in the three worlds, which is all that concerns you at this time.  In all teaching to be given in the immediate future, the main emphasis will eventually be laid upon the technique of the etheric body, for that is the next step forward. The three major laws are:

  1. The law controlling the will to live, a manifestation of the first aspect of the Logos, will or power.
  2. The law controlling equality of rhythm, a manifestation of the second aspect of the Logos, love or wisdom.
  3. The law controlling crystallisation, a manifestation of the third aspect of the Logos, the activity or foundational aspect.”

Essential Integrity
ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Healing, page
523: “The ten laws which we shall consider might, therefore, be regarded as ten subsidiary laws of the fundamental Law of Essential Integrity. They constitute nine elaborations or aspects of that one law, and this you must have most carefully in mind.  It is with these laws that the true healer must ever work.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Rays and The Initiations, page
265: “The initiate then goes on to learn the significance of unity in its true sense; this is only possible when monadic influence can be consciously registered and when the antahkarana is in process of conscious construction.  I emphasise the word “conscious” here; much of the work of fusion and of attainment proceeds unconsciously under the fundamental Law of Evolution, which is a Shamballic law, embodying as it does the working out of the inscrutable will of Deity.”

587: “Each of these great energising Lives [the three Buddhas of Activity] works through certain Masters and Initiates of the sixth initiation; these Masters work in full consciousness upon the atmic plane, the plane of the spiritual will; from that high level, They function as transmitting agents for the energy of one of the three Buddhas of Activity.  These three Buddhas are the creative Agents of the planetary Logos and are Wielders of the Law of Evolution.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, page
109: “These four stages of the Law of Cause and Effect (as it affects humanity at this time) might be called:

  1. The perfectingof form expression – Law of Evolution
  2. The precipitationof karma- Law of Cause and Effect
  3. The achievement of personality – Law of Polar Opposites

(The Dweller on the Threshold)

  1. The attainment of planetaryinitiation           Law of Initiation”

166: “The stupendous Lives—outside manifested existence—entered into manifestation in order to give Themselves for the lesser lives and forms of existence in order that these lesser lives might be enabled to proceed onward towards a goal which is known to Deity alone, and thus eventually reach high places of spiritual expression. Achievement is ever followed by sacrifice and the giving of the greater for the lesser. This is an aspect of the Law of Evolution. Such is the note and theme of the entire creative process and is the basic meaning of the phrase, “God is Love,” for love signifies giving and sacrifice, at least in this solar system.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: The Reappearance of the Christ, page
115: “Christ Will Teach the Law of Rebirth. This Law is the major corollary of the Law of Evolution. It has never been grasped or properly understood in the West and, in the East, where it is acknowledged as a governing principle of life, it has not proved useful because it has been soporific in its effect, and a detriment to progress.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: White Magic, page
544: “We have therefore three Principles:

  1. The Principle of Limitation.
  2. The Principle of Periodic Manifestation.
  3. The Principle of Expansion.

These three principles together constitute the factors underlying the Law of Evolution as men call it.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Healing, page
659: “Law IX … This law is in reality a definition of the Law of Evolution, but given from the spiritual angle.  The Law of Evolution – as commonly understood – concerns the evolution of the form aspect as it is gradually fitted to be an exponent or an expression of soul energy, and later of monadic energy.

This law, which might be termed the Law of Perfection, deals with the interior energies which are responsible for the working of the Law of Evolution.  It is the higher aspect or the determining cause of the lower; the laws subsidiary to the Law of Perfection are loosely called (by the neophyte the spiritual laws, but of these he knows little and unifies them all in his mind under the general idea that they are an expression of the love aspect of Deity.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Discipleship in the New Age II, page
211: “5. The Hierarchy of Masters, the Masters of the Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion. This group, which stands midway between Shamballa and Humanity, is subject to impression from Shamballa, via the Nirmanakayas, and its Members are Themselves the agents for the impression of Humanity. They embody and express the love aspect of the divine purpose; They wield, direct and control the Law of Attraction – the motivating energy which swings the Law of Evolution into activity in the three worlds.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Telepathy, page
62 – 63: “The Science of Impression might be regarded, in the last analysis, as the fundamental science of consciousness itself, for the result of contact and impact leads to the awakening and the unfoldment of consciousness and of that growing awareness which distinguishes every form throughout the manifested world.  Every form has its own area of awareness, and evolution is the process whereby forms respond to contact, react to impact, and pass on to greater development, usefulness and effectiveness. The Law of Evolution and the Science of Impression cover the unfoldment of consciousness and bring about adaptability to the immanent soul.”

Introduction, page 8: “The Law of Evolution. This is the Divine Law governing all creation, meaning that all consciousness is evolving upward, that all is progress. God created Souls who are as children growing under the Law of Evolution to adult‑hood. The physical plane is but a school for this great cycle of evolving creation.”

Orientation, page 727: “World conditions such as war, poverty, famine, disease, etc., can only be eliminated as the state of consciousness responsible for them is enlightened by the Soul, and seeks to eliminate them within itself rather than without.  We cannot blame one group, or one individual, for any one of these existing conditions.  The dictator cannot be the cause of his dictatorship.  He is, after all, only responding to the will of the masses over whom he dictates.  To rid the masses of one dictator will only bring on another one, until the mass itself wills some other form of government.

This, my brothers, is one of the basic laws of the evolution of consciousness.  The over‑all state of consciousness builds its own forms of expression, its own world of effects.”

Expansion – Subsidiary law of the Law of Attraction
ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
1040 – 1046: “This spiral-cyclic activity, which is distinctive of all forms, can perhaps be comprehended more practically if we study it as an expression of four laws, taking each one briefly in turn:

  1. The Law of Expansion. This law of a gradual evolutionary expansion of the consciousness indwelling every form is the cause of the spheroidal form of every life in the entire solar system.  It is a fact in nature that all that is in existence dwells within a sphere. The chemical atom is spheroidal; man dwells within a sphere, as does the planetary Logos and the solar Logos, this sphere being the form matter takes when its own internal activity, and the activity of the form are working in unison.  It requires the two types of force – rotary and spiral-cyclic – to produce this.  Scientists are beginning to recognise this more or less, and to realise that it is the Law of Relativity, or the relation between all atoms, which produces that which is called Light, and which, in its aggregated phenomena, forms that composite sphere, a solar system. …”

Expansive Response – 6th Law of Group Work (esoteric name is not given)
ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
1218: “The final two laws concerning group activity can only be very briefly treated as their true significance is only apparent to pledged disciples.  They concern primarily the astral and the mental planes, and, therefore the corresponding vehicles of the group units.  A group, it should be remembered, which is functioning on the physical plane is also found in a still larger form on the astral and the mental.  Just as the astral body of a man is larger than his physical body, and, therefore, has built into its structure a larger number of atomic units, so a group contains (astrally considered) more units than on the physical plane.  The laws we are touching upon concern the relation of the physical plane units to those units who form a part of the group, and yet are functioning without the physical plane sheaths or vehicles.  The same idea must be applied to the units devoid of a physical vehicle who form a component part of the mental body of the group.

These two laws are termed:

  1. The Law of Expansive Response.
  2. The Law of the Lower Four.

These laws only become operative in units on the physical plane which are becoming responsive consciously to those group workers who are discarnate. …”

1218 and 1221: “For each of these Laws, there is a definite formula and symbol.  At this stage of teaching or through this Treatise, it is not possible to reveal or impart the formulas.  The symbol may be described …

Law 6.  The symbol contains a flaming rosy sun with a sign in the centre – a sign symbolising the union of fire and water; below this sign is found a hieroglyphic which may not be given as it gives the clue to the Earth sign, and the keynote of the physical body of the planetary Logos.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Psychology II, page
199 – 200: “These two laws are not capable of interpretation as above, because only those who are initiated or in preparation for initiation can begin to understand them.  The enlightenment which is the result of initiation is necessary before one can touch the idea behind these expressions of purpose.  We shall not, therefore, take any time dealing with The Law of Expansive Response, or with The Law of the Lower Four, beyond giving two ancient stanzas which will convey much to the initiate but may only be sounding words and meaningless symbolic phrases to the average reader and student. …

“The Sun, in all its glory, has arisen and cast its beams athwart the Eastern sky.  The union of the pairs of opposites produce, in the cycles of the time and space, both clouds and mists.  These veil a mighty conflagration….

The flood pours forth.  The ark floats free…the flames devour.  The three stand free; and then again the mists envelop.

Above the clouds of earth, a sign shines forth….Only the eye of vision sees this sign.  Only the heart at peace can hear the thunder of the Voice which issues from the dark depths of the cloud.  Only an understanding of the law which elevates and lifts can teach the man of fire and son of water to enter into mist.  From thence he climbs on to the mountain top and there again stands free.

The triple freedom thus achieved has naught to do with earth, or water, or with fire.  It is a freedom, triple in its kind, which greets the man who passes freely from the sphere of earth into the ocean of the watery sphere, and [200] thence on to the burning ground of sacrifice.  The sun augments the fire; it dissipates the mist and dries the earth.  And thus the work is done.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Astrology, page
420: “These energies [Life, Quality and Appearance] change within themselves and sometimes one will strike the dominating note and sometimes another; sometimes a secondary energy will become a major conditioning force and sometimes the lesser expression will come to the top and become, for the cycle, the outstanding characteristic of the triangle. Such cosmic events are governed by a great Law of Expediency, evoked by the evolutionary process …”

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