Laws of Evolution, Reincarnation, Karma

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS, Nature of the Soul, Introductory, page

That emanating from the Central Cosmic Center there are certain impulses which become the Divine Laws that maintain order in the mani­fest Cosmos. Three of these, along with others not enumerated at this time, work out in our planetary scheme in the following manner:

1. The Law of Evolution
This is the Divine Law governing the Conscious­ness aspect of all life. It is related to the Purpose of God and means, simply, that any created state of consciousness is in a process of growth, regard­less of its outer appearance and condition. Thus, man evolves to become the Soul con­scious Son of God, while He in turn evolves to become an indi­vidual­ized focal point within the consciousness of The Christ.

2. The Law of Reincarnation or Rebirth
This could be called the grading system of the evolutionary process within the human family. The Soul incarnates not once in human form, but many times until It masters the form nature, and controls Its vehicles as the Instrumentality of the Divine Plan.

3. The Law of Karma
Here is the great Law of Balance, that which makes evolution pos­sible. It controls the dis­placement of energies within the manifest Cosmos, directing a return of each flow of energy, from any given point, back to its Source in simi­lar type, strength, and quality. Thus, whatever a man thinks, feels, or does shall return again to him as the balance of energy displaced within his own individual system. Via this law a man meets with those opportunities for growth which he himself has created, and thus evolves in the school of experience from instinct to intellect, from intellect to intuition, and from intuition to inspiration. Thus does knowledge itself become Wisdom, and the Soul master of Its own fate or karma. Upon such mastery, the incarnating con­sciousness is freed from the wheel of rebirth into a higher frequency range of activity.”

Lesson 2, page 34: “From the moment of the birth of an individual Soul, a self conscious unit within the greater consciousness of the Second Logos, the process of human evolution begins. The new birth of awareness is swept into activ­ity by the Divine Impulses of the Will, Intelligence, and Love which are inherent within it. These, working under the Divine Laws of Evolution, Reincarnation, and Karma, build the first cycle of vehicles for the incarnat­ing Soul, with little attention being given the building process by the consciousness itself. In the beginning, the process automatically proceeds according to Divine Law and the inherent Plan.”

Introduction, page 12: “To bring this concept of evolution down to the individual, we must go into the Universal Law of Reincarnation, which has been so difficult for the Western world to accept. There are but three concepts which provide the structure of this teaching and each grows out of the other. The first is the Universal Law of Evolution, the second is the Universal Law of Reincarnation, and the third is the Universal Law of Karma. No one of the three will stand alone for each presupposes the existence of the other two.”


  1. “The Law of Evolution.  This is the Divine Law governing all creation, meaning that all consciousness is evolving upward, that all is progress.  God created Souls who are as children growing under the Law of Evolution to adulthood.  The physical plane is but a school for this great cycle of evolving creation.
  2. The Law of Rebirth or Reincarnation.  This could be called God’s grading system.  The individual Soul incarnates not once in human form but many times, growing in the school of experience into higher states of consciousness.
  3. The Law of Karma or Retribution.  This Law is the determining factor for the subject matter of any one grade.  It is that which attracts to a man all that which is his own.  If at one time he steals, at another time he will be stolen from, until he learns that it is not good for him to steal.  If at one time he gives, at another time he will receive, so that he will learn that it is good for him to give.  Later, much later, he will learn the why of these things; in the beginning he learns only in terms of good and bad.
  4. The Law of Periodicity.  The Law of Periodicity is a cosmic one which issues out of the very center of all created, creative Light, and moves back upon itself into that center.”

ANNIE BESANT: Brotherhood of Religions
“6. The Great Laws. By “the great Laws” I mean the Law of Karma, or that of cause and effect; and the Law of Sacrifice, or that of the propagation and the maintenance of life. … The Law of Karma is stated by science in the invariable sequences which it calls laws of nature; the theologian calls it divine justice. It is the rock on which all is built, the true support of all thinking and all activity. It prevails in all worlds, gross and subtle; it is a universal law. … The Law of Sacrifice is the statement of the fact that all lives live by the surrender, forced or voluntary, of other lives; that the outpoured Life of the Supreme is the support of the world.”

ANNIE BESANT and C.W. LEADBEATER: Lives of Alcyone
“From other lines of study we have realized the existence of three great factors as determining the place and time of each man’s birth. First, the force of evolution, which places each man where he can most readily acquire the qualities in which he happens to be deficient; second, the law of karma, which limits the action of that first force by allowing the man so much as he has deserved; third the law of attraction which brings the man again and again into connection with the other egos with whom he has formed links of some kind.”

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