Occult Obedience
ALICE A. BAILEY: Discipleship in the New Age II, page
154: “The Master imparts the nature of the Plan or the Purpose – according to the status of the initiate – and that is accepted by him under the Law of Free Occult Obedience. But the disciple or the initiate must not remain forever dependent upon the transmission of the divine thought to him by Those more advanced than he. He must learn to make his own contacts and to tap the “raincloud” for himself.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Ashramic Projections, Chapter 4, page
50: “An accepted disciple is, as we have previously stated, an accepting one. He is a disciple who has served his probationership. He has initiated, via his own application of the Wisdom, his share of the ashramic plan into a planned activity. He will always be working in relationship to those within the Ashram who are below him in evolutionary development and with those who are above or ahead of him. An accepted disciple is one whose acceptance of occult obedience is acceptable to the Master. For him, occult obedience has become the law which governs his interpretation.”

Occult Continuity
ALICE A. BAILEY: Rays and The Initiations, page
212: “These three types of work along the lines of destruction merit your careful consideration and – because they are along the line of the destroying aspect – it will be apparent to you that the method employed is that of the utilisation of the group Will.  It will be equally apparent that the group Will can only make its appearance under the Law of Occult Continuity when, and if, the group is functioning intelligently and demonstrating love adequately.”

Occult Law
ALICE A. BAILEY: Discipleship in the New Age I, page
45: “These new types of groups will work together under the conscious guidance and suggestion of a member of the Great White Lodge. Note the word “suggestion,” my brothers. If these groups were subjected to the authority of such a member, then the objective of all the work undertaken would fail to materialize. An occult law would have been broken.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Applied Wisdom, Dark Forces, page
175f: “You will attract unto yourselves that which is in direct proportion to your own power. Let me give you an occult clue. The major part of energy which you will manipulate on lower levels will be negative energies. You will, from a positive polarization, seize those energies and put them into right use. They will be, in one sense, the power factor for the work which is carried on strictly on physical plane levels, energies of the emotional and etheric. Please try to grasp this, as it is one of the most important lessons you have to learn. It is Occult Law. Remember that all energies are Divine in their origin, they become light or dark forces as they are seized by the human family and directed into manifestation. The motive behind the act determines whether they become light or dark forces, according to the one who has appropriated them.”

Occult Paradox – see Paradox

C.W. LEADBEATER: Noble Eightfold Path
“… the Law of Opposites, the law which expresses itself in the fact that if you meet a vibration of one kind with a vibration of the same kind, then the vibration grows stronger, larger, wider; but if you meet that vibration with a vibration of the opposite kind, then the one extinguishes the other, looked at from the ethical standpoint. That is, the great principle of returning good for evil.”

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