That which radiates
ALICE A. BAILEY: Rays and Initiations, page
247: “Rule XIII.  For Applicants.  Four things the disciple must learn and comprehend before he can be shown the inmost mystery:  first, the laws of that which radiates; the five meanings of magnetisation make the second; the third is transmutation or the secret lost of alchemy; and lastly, the first letter of the Word which has been imparted, or the hidden name egoic. …

The laws of that which radiates.  I would call your attention to the fact that this does not refer to the Laws of Radiation.  That which radiates comes under its own laws which are different to those which produced radiation.”

Thought – see also Introductory Postulates in the section Groupings of Laws
ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
567: “The Laws of Thought. There are three great laws, that we might term the fundamental laws of the cosmos, of that greater system (recognised by all astronomers), of which we form a part, and seven laws inherent in the solar system.  These seven we might consider secondary laws, though, from the standpoint of humanity, they appear as major ones.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: White Magic, page
553: “The laws of thought are the laws of creation, and the entire creative work is carried forward on the etheric level.”

ANNIE BESANT: Esoteric Christianity, page
253 – 54: “By the working of the laws of thought a man becomes that which he thinks, and when he meditates on the divine perfections he gradually reproduces in himself that on which his mind is fixed. Such a mind, shaped to the higher and not the lower, cannot bind the Spirit, and the freed Spirit leaping upward to his source, prayer is lost in union and separateness is left behind.”

Tides – 4th law produced by the activity of the three aspects
ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Psychology I, page
378: “The fourth law controlling human destiny is known by the curious name of the Law of the Tides. It concerns the life of desire and of sensory perception and of feeling.  It is closely concerned with the development of awareness, and is an aspect of the Law of Cycles which controls solar evolution.  It is a basic human law, protective and developing.  It controls the cyclic or “tidal” life of all souls who are carried by the great river of life – on the crest of desire – into incarnation, and is one of the laws with which the aspirant must work, early in his training.”

To those who give all, all is given – see also the Law of Sypply and Demand
ALICE A. BAILEY: Discipleship in the New Age I, page
692: “The group will then be endowed with power to serve but it will not be power given to it by the Master. It will be a potency which it has engendered itself. This power which disciples wield comes as a response to a life rightly lived and love fully given. There is a great law which can be embodied in the words “to those who give all, all is given.” This is true of the individual disciple and of a Master’s group. Most aspirants to discipleship today do not know or realise this law; they do not give freely and fully either to the work of the Hierarchy or to those who need. Until they do, they limit their effectiveness and shut the door on supply, not only for themselves but for the group with which they are affiliated in service. Herein lies responsibility. The clue to supply is personality harmlessness and the dedication of all individual resources to the service of the Great Ones, without restraint and spontaneously. When you, as a disciple, try to live harmlessly – in thought and word and deed – and when nothing is held back materially, emotionally or from the angle of time, when physical strength is so given and the gift of all resources is accompanied with happiness, then the disciple will have all that is needed to carry on his work and the same is true of all working groups of servers. Such is the law.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Discipleship in the New Age II, page
418: “Hint Seven.One of the marks of readiness for initiation is the ability to see the expanding and inclusive Whole, and to note the law which is transcended when the part becomes the Whole.”

422: “3. He notes the law which is transcended. … As a human being, the disciple was ruled and conditioned by the cosmic Law of Economy, along with its various subsidiary laws which were active and conditioning in the three worlds of human evolution. This law is the basic law of nature and of the natural evolving man. After the first initiation, he comes under the Law of Attraction which carries and wields the energy of love and – though the Law of Economy is then abrogated – it preserves an habitual control over the habitual process of the form vehicles which are now used under the Law of Attraction; this law works within the consciousness of man and also within the forms in the service of the Hierarchy. This Law of Attraction is a major soul law.

Later, after the fourth initiation, the disciple comes increasingly under the Law of Synthesis, which is the major Law of the Spirit in the universe.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
863: “He must study the laws of transmutation and be a student of that divine alchemy which will result in a knowledge of how to transmute the lower force into the higher, of how to transfer his consciousness into the higher vehicles, and of how to manipulate energy currents so that his own nature is transformed.  He will then become a channel for the light of the Ego, and for the illumination of buddhi to pour through for the saving of the race, and the lighting of those who stumble in dark places.  He must demonstrate the laws of radioactivity in his own life on the physical plane.  His life must begin to radiate, and to have a magnetic effect upon others.  By this I mean he will begin to influence that which is imprisoned in others, for he will reach – through his own powerful vibrations – the hidden centre in each one.  I do not mean by this the physical or magnetic effect that many quite unevolved souls have upon others.  I refer to that spiritual radiation that is only responded to and realised by those who themselves are becoming aware of the spiritual centre within the heart.  At this stage the man is recognised as one who can speak occultly “heart to heart.”  He becomes a stimulator of the heart centre in his brother, and one who arouses men into activity for others.

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Healing, page
592 – 593: “Under the second category, which concerns the conflict between forces and forces, you have the etheric body involved, and the forces concerned are those to be found in the major and the minor centres … These secondary difficulties, due to the interplay between the centres, fall into three categories …

  1. The relation of certain centres to each other, such as takes place under the Law of Transmutation, or the process of lifting up of the forces from one centre to another.”

Triple Respons
ALICE A. BAILEY: Telepathy, page
60: “But – and this is a point I seek to impress upon you – humanity, subjected to this constant process of expansion from the emergence of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human, has now reached the stage where it can begin to pass out of the control of what has been called the Law of Triple Response into a new phase of unfoldment where a recognised dualism dominates. This is a most important statement.”

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