Immersion – 1st law produced by the activity of the three aspects
ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Psychology I, page
377: “The activity of the three divine aspects, in relation to the human family in the first nebulous race (of which science knows nothing), produced what we call the Law of Immersion.  It caused that growing diversification of matter, clothing the life, which ultimately produced the early manifestation of the incarnating sons of God. It is not a physical incarnation in the sense that we understand that term.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Telepathy, page
69: “The Hierarchy is no group of mystical workers; only those aspects of divine Purpose which can be immediately grasped and developed and which are patently valuable to humanity – when presented in right form by the Hierarchy – are registered by Them. They know what consciously to “repudiate” as it is occultly called, and They act ever in response to a Law of Imminence or of occult prevision which is almost unrecognisable and indefinable by advanced humanity.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Healing, page
297: “But behind all wise thinking and wise activity must be the acceptance of the existence of certain general conditions which work out as physical ill health during this world cycle, and not only for the human kingdom but also for the three sub-human kingdoms.  The Law of Imperfection exists because the Great Realities (to be found in all the phenomenal world) are likewise in process of development and of evolutionary unfoldment.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Applied Wisdom, Wesak Festival, page
1014: “The first Law of Divine Love-Wisdom is inclusiveness.  One who is filled, permeated, qualified by this energy cannot separate one life or life-form to love above and beyond another.  Any response evoked from one whose nature is that of Divine Love-Wisdom includes the whole, the many, as well as the one, regardless of who or what or which one that one may be.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Nature of the Soul, Glossary, page
527: “INERTIA: The quiescent nature of matter or of a form prior to or after being put in motion. 2. Also the activity of the law of inertia which holds a form or activity together, i.e., keeps it from falling apart and returning to its earlier state.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Rays and The Initiations, page
440: “The Masters know, however, that a higher, deeper and more intensive manifestation of divinity is potentially possible, but it causes Them no concern or strain, no anxiety or fiery aspiration; They know, as no disciple can know, the workings of the Law of Inevitability. This Law releases the Masters (under the accompanying Law of Service), at the sixth initiation, into a wider field of experience, with all the divine assets and qualities so developed within Them that They know that Their equipment is adequate to the undertaking and that They can, without hesitancy and concern, take the next required steps.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, page
109: “These four stages of the Law of Cause and Effect (as it affects humanity at this time) might be called:

  1. The perfecting of form expression – Law of Evolution
  2. The precipitation of karma – Law of Cause and Effect
  3. The achievement of personality – Law of Polar Opposites (The Dweller on the Threshold)
  4. The attainment of planetaryinitiation – Law of Initiation”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Rays and The Initiations, page
384: “Again, so the ancient Archives tell us, there came a great crisis in the evolution of humanity; this necessitated one of the rare cyclic changes which have distinguished the fluid policy of the Hierarchy.  Men began to demonstrate responsiveness to the Law of Integration and personality appeared with all its potentiality for good and evil.  Man became an integrated unit in the three worlds.”

Invocation and evocation
LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Nature of the Soul, Lesson 3, page
42: “Invocation is the calling down into active play of that Deity which overshad­ows an individual or a group of individuals. That which is invoked may appear in one of many forms, such as an idea, an experience, or in the case of a needy humanity, even as the incarnation of an initiate consciousness. Thus, Divine Intervention is brought into being via the magnetic pull of the invoca­tive center, which is acting as a positive pole of mag­netic attraction within the three worlds of human endeavor.

Evocation is a calling forth into expression of that Divine Potential which is latent within the manifest form. Thus, the indwelling Christ, that Divine Spark or Seed within the consciousness of the mass, can be attracted into expression via the magnetic pull brought to bear upon it by a conscious Son of God living within the body of humanity.”

Isolation, Limitation
ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Healing, page
637 – 38: “There are therefore three types of life, affecting the dense appearance of a human being during his restricted manifestation or incarnation:

  1. The life of the spiritual man himself, transmitted from the Monad, via the soul for the greater part of manifested existence.
  2. The life of that sumtotal which is the elemental life of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human; this life is still an aspect (under the Law of Isolation or Limitation) of the life of the spirit of the earth.
  3. The sumtotal of the life which is innate in atomic substance itself-the substance out of which all forms are made.  This is the life of the spirit of the earth.”
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