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3: “The only hell he has to fear is that which results from his transgression of a law which he has created within his own mind, through lack of understanding Universal Law. Once man truly understands Universal Law he cannot transgress it, for he has become that Law.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: The Soul and Its Instrument, Lesson 8, page
87: “Divine Love is not an emotion. It is the Law of the Universe, the energy of which is cleansing and healing.”

Vibration – Subsidiary law of the Law of Economy and 1st Systemic Law
ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
219: “The subsidiary laws under the Law of Economy are four in number, dealing with the lower quaternary:

  1. 1. The Law of Vibration, dealing with the key note or measure of the matter of each plane. By knowledge of this law the material of any plane in its seven divisions can be controlled.”

569: “b. Seven Systemic Laws. Subsidiary to the three major laws, we find the seven laws of our solar system.  Again we find the law of analogy elucidating, and the three becoming the seven as elsewhere in the logoic scheme.  In each of these seven laws we find an interesting correlation with the seven planes.  They are:

  1. The Law of Vibration,the basis of manifestation, starting on the first plane.  This is the atomic law of the system, in the same sense that on each of our planes the first subplane is the atomic plane.”

574- 576: “1. The Law of Vibration. This is the law of the first plane, and it governs all the atomic subplanes of each plane.  It marks the beginning of the work of the Logos, the first setting in motion of mulaprakriti.  On each plane the vibration of the atomic subplane sets in motion the matter of that plane.  It is the key measure.  We might sum up the significance of this law in the words, “light” or “fire.”  It is the law of fire; it governs the transmutation of differentiated colours back to their synthesis.  It controls the breaking up of the One into the seven, and then the reabsorption back into the One.  It is really the basic law of evolution, which necessitates involution.  It is analogous to the first movement the Logos made to express Himself through this solar system.  He uttered the Sound, a threefold Sound, one sound for each of His three systems, and started a ripple on the ocean of space.  The Sound grows in volume as time progresses, and when it has reached its full volume, when it is fully completed, it forms one of the notes in the major cosmic chord.  Each note has six subtones, which, with the first, make the seven; the Law of Vibration, therefore, comprises eighteen lesser vibrations and three major, making the twenty-one of our three systems.  Two multiplied by nine (2×9), makes the necessary eighteen, which is the key number of our love system.  Twenty-seven holds hid the mystery of the third system.

On the path of involution, the seven great Breaths or Sounds drove to the atomic subplane of each plane, …

On the path of evolution this law controls the positive aspect of the process. …

The Law of Vibration is the law of progress, of movement and of rotation. …”

644: “All these conditions can be seen in the process of the initiation of man, and of his transference from the fourth kingdom into the spiritual.  His efforts must be self-induced, or the effect of his own self-conscious endeavour; they will meet with a response from his superconsciousness, the atmic aspect or Spirit and this dual interplay will be further aided by the Guardians of the Rites of Initiation.  Yet all three effects are felt in spirit-matter; all proceed under the law of vibration, and this law is literally the response of deva substance to force emanating from some conscious or unconscious source.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Initiation, Human and Solar, page
139 – 140: “The centres, at initiation, receive a fresh access of vibratory capacity and of power, and this result in the exoteric life as: …

  1. A gradual grasp of the law of vibration as an aspect of the basic law of building, the law of attraction, is brought about, and the initiate learns consciously to build, to manipulate thought matter for the perfecting of the plans of the Logos, to work in mental essence, and to apply the law on mental levels, and thereby affect the physical plane.  Motion originates cosmically on cosmic levels, and in the microcosm the same will be seen.  There is an occult hint here that, pondered on, will reveal much.  At initiation, at the moment of the application of the Rod, the initiate consciously realises the meaning of the Law of Attraction in form building, and in the synthesis of the three fires.  Upon his ability to retain that realisation, and himself to apply the law, will depend his power to progress.”

177: “Secondly, by a man’s efforts, supplemented by the intelligent loving co-operation of the Knowers of the race, the Masters of the Wisdom. In this case the process is quicker, for a man comes under instruction – should he so desire – and subsequently, when he has on his part provided the right conditions, there is placed at his disposal the knowledge and the help of Those Who have achieved. In order to avail himself of this help he has to work with the material of his own body, building right material into an ordered form, and has therefore to learn discrimination in the choice of matter, and to understand the laws of vibration and of construction.

ALICE A. BAILEY: Letters on Occult Meditation, Letter VII, pp. 204 – 253
My comment: This letter is about the use of color and sound and it provides good insight in the law of vibration, even though the letter is not directly a review of the law. Especially on the pages 242 – 253, which is about the use of color in healing and the future use of color and sound, is referred several times to the law of vibration.

251: “You will ask, what place has all this in a series of letters on meditation?  Simply this: – that the method employed in the utilisation of colour and sound in healing, in promoting spiritual growth, and in exoteric construction on the physical plane, will be based on the laws that govern the mental body, and will be forms of meditation.  Only as the race develops the dynamic powers and attributes of thought – which which powers are the product of meditation, rightly pursued – will the capacity to make use of the laws of vibration be objectively possible.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: White Magic, page
65 – 66: “The stilling of the mind depends upon the law of rhythm.  If you are vibrating in many directions and registering thoughts from all sides, this law will be unable to touch you.  Balance and poise must be restored before equilibrium can be reached.  The law of vibration and the study of atomic substance are closely intertwined.  When more is known about these atoms and their action, reaction and inter-action, then people will control their bodies scientifically, synchronizing the laws of vibration and of rhythm.  They are the same and yet unlike.  They are phases of the law of gravitation.  The earth is itself an entity which, by the force of will, holds all things to itself.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Healing, page
132: “The sound of the AUM, the sound of the OM, and the SOUND itself, are all related to vibration and its differing and varied effects.  The secret of the Law of Vibration is progressively revealed as people learn to sound forth the WORD in its three aspects.  Students would do well to ponder on the distinction between the breath and the sound, between the process of breathing and the process of creating vibratory activity.  They are related but distinct from each other.  One is related to Time and the other to Space …”

Vibratory Expansion
ALICE A. BAILEY: White Magic, page
352: “When one lesson has, in this way, been mastered, a further one is set, and when a pupil has learnt a particular series of lessons he graduates and passes an initiation.  The whole group he teaches is benefited by his step forward, for every disciple carries those he instructs along with him in a curious indefinable sense.  The benefit to the unit reacts upon the whole.  A Master carries His disciples on and up with Him in a similar manner.  The matter is abstruse and largely one of the secrets of the law of vibratory expansion.  The initiation of the Logos has a universal effect.”

Vibratory Interplay
ALICE A. BAILEY: White Magic, page
278: “In all form-building the technique of construction remains basically the same, and the rules and realizations may be summed up in the following aphoristic phrases. …

Let these three laws hold sway, the law of synthetic limitation, of vibratory interplay, and of active precipitation. The one concerns the life, the second concerns the building, and the third produces manifested existence.”

Will to live
ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Healing, page 105 – 112
105 – 106: “Three Major Laws of Health. There are three major laws of health and seven minor laws.  These work out in the three worlds, which is all that concerns you at this time.  In all teaching to be given in the immediate future, the main emphasis will eventually be laid upon the technique of the etheric body, for that is the next step forward. The three major laws are:

  1. The law controlling the will to live, a manifestation of the first aspect of the Logos, will or power.
  2. The law controlling equality of rhythm, a manifestation of the second aspect of the Logos, love or wisdom.
  3. The law controlling crystallisation, a manifestation of the third aspect of the Logos, the activity or foundational aspect.”
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