Cosmic Laws of Free Circulation, Harmonious Placement and Formulation

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS, The Disciple and Economy, Introduction, page
1 – 5: This series of instructions “is written in an endeavour to give the modern disciple, in whatever nation, position, or circumstance he may be placed, a basic understanding of the Economy of the One Life and Its Laws, so that he may serve The Plan justly and wisely in the world of mankind.

The Economy of the One Life is an organization of the energy, force, and substance of Its many parts into that divine activity which serves the evolution of the total. In Its highest aspect as a Cosmic Law, It establishes and maintains the relativity of interchange and exchange which is the circulatory Life of the ordered Cosmos.

The great Cosmic Law works out within our Solar system via three subsidiary laws about which little can be said at this time. Suffice it to say that:

  1. The Law of Free Circulation establishes the rhythmic ebb and flow of the energy, force, and substance of the system throughout the totality, so that the part may partake of that of which it is aware …
  2. The Law of Harmonious Placement arranges, according to colour and tone, every life in relationship to every other life and the Central Directing Will of the system. …
  3. The Law of Formulation establishes and controls the constant motion of substance to reflect the steady evolution of consciousness, thereby producing in the phenomenal world the needed forms through a ceaseless inner destructive and constructive activity which we see and know as change.

These Solar Laws are stepped down upon our planet into three basic laws of Economy, which have to be worked out and applied by humanity (the brain of the Planetary Logos) within its life and affairs. Thus, the Planetary Logos waits upon humanity and its evolution, just as the Solar Life waits upon Him.

These three Planetary Laws relate specifically with three aspects or phases of intelligent activity: the first having to do with the intelligent activity of purpose or direction, the second having to do with the intelligent activity of consciousness, and the third having to do with the intelligent activity of substance.

Each of the three laws brings these great occult principles into active play within the life and affairs of man. Thus, when the whole of the Law of Economy is applied, nine occult principles of great significance in the Purpose and Plans of the Logos are invoked into acitivty.

We shall first enumerate the Laws and Principles involved, and then move on to definition and explanation of each.

  1. The Law of Right Use
    1. The Principle of Sharing
    2. The Principle of Supply and Demand
    3. The Principle of Democratic Participation in the One Life
  2. The Law of Right Activity
    1. The Principle of Individuality
    2. The Principle of Equality
    3. The Principle of Grace
  3. The Law of Right Planning
    1. The Principle of Divine Prototype
    2. The Principle of Relative Appearance
    3. The Principle of Sequential Change”
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