Cycles, Rhythm, Cyclic Appearance

Cycles, Rhythm, Cyclic Appearance

ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
831: “We have endeavoured above to convey a general idea of the evolutionary process in connection with the Ego, and its progression under karmic and cyclic law.  If the student ponders upon these two laws it will become apparent to him that both might be summed up under the generic term of the Law of Rhythm.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Rays and The Initiations, page
237 – 38: “See you not how the present crisis [Second World War] only indicates the success of the previous evolutionary cycles wherein humanity mastered certain lessons? …

All is planned and ordered; the right energies and forces will be available, for the Hierarchy works ever under the Law of Cycles and of Cyclic Compensation.  The Masters know exactly that which must be done by right timing and by what has been called “the crisis of spatial extension.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, page
278: “I would remind you that the law of cycles is the law governing the appearing and the disappearing of great and active energies which pass in and out of manifestation, fulfilling the purposes of Deity and yet limited and handicapped by the quality of the forms upon which they make their impact.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: White Magic, page
243: “Let us consider now the words “the ebb and flow of the waters.”
In the understanding of the law of cycles, we gain knowledge of the underlying laws of evolution and come to a realization of the rhythmic work of creation.  Incidentally also we gain poise as we study our own life impulses, for they also have their ebb and flow, and alternate between periods of light and periods of darkness.”

404:”To bring this about has been the objective of all training given during the past 400 years, and from this fact you can vision the utter patience of the Knowers of the race.  They work slowly and with deliberation, free from any sense of speed, towards Their objective, but – and herein lies the immediate interest of what I have to communicate – They do have a time limit.  This is based upon the Law of Cycles.  It concerns the operation of certain periods of opportunity which necessarily have their term.  During these times of opportunity, forces, influences, and energies are temporarily at work, and of these the Masters seek to make use.”

533: “With the problem of limitation is closely linked that of liberation.  Into the prison house of form enter all that live; some enter consciously and some unconsciously, and this we call birth, appearance, incarnation, manifestation.  Immediately there sweeps into activity another law or the working out of an active principle which we call the Law of Cycles.  This is the principle of periodic appearance – a beneficent operation of the lower wisdom of innate divinity, for it produces that sequence of the states of consciousness which we term Time. … To these principles of Limitation and of Cycles is added another principle, that of Expansion.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Healing, page
89 – 91: In these pages are mentioned the Law of Periodicity, the Law of Rhythm and the Law of Cycles in a way that it seems to be the same law only with different names, re. quote under the Law of Rhythm.

ALICE A. BAILEY: From Bethlehem to Calvary, page
5: “In the continuity of revelation, Christianity enters upon its cycle of expression under the same divine law which governs all manifestation – the Law of Cyclic Appearance. This revelation passes through the phases of all form-manifestation, or appearance, then growth and development, and finally (when the cycle draws towards its close) crystallisation and a gradual but steady emphasis of the letter and the form, till the death of that form becomes inevitable and wise.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Psychology I, page
189 – 90: “Before we proceed further I want to touch upon the apparent contradictions which occur (and which may continue to occur) in this treatise.  Sometimes a ray will be spoken of as being in manifestation.  At other times it may be referred to as being out of manifestation.  We may speak about its influence upon a particular kingdom in nature, and then again still another ray may be regarded as of prime importance.  These discrepancies are only apparent, and their cause lies hid in the right understanding of the Law of Cycles.  Until this basic Law of Periodicity is comprehended (and this will not be possible until man has succeeded in developing fourth dimensional vision) it will not be easy to avoid what may look like contradictions.  At one time a certain ray may be in incarnation and thus of paramount influence, and yet, at the same time, still another ray may govern the major cycle, – a cycle of which the ray under consideration may be only a temporary aspect.  For instance, the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Organisation is now coming in, and the sixth Ray of Devotion is going out; yet this sixth ray is a major ray cycle and its influence will not entirely disappear for another 21,000 years.”

Cycles, page 170: “The cycles which are conducive to the purification and cleansing of the astral body, prior to unnecessary manifesting circumstances, has never been taken advantage of by any group of disciples within the World Group.  It is entirely possible, when disciples know and understand not only the Law of cyclic opportunity, but the manner in which their group life makes its cyclic manifestations, so that they can avert unpleasant manifestations through a concentrated effort applied on astral levels before such situations have a chance to manifest.  When the disciple understands his own individual cycles it will be possible for him to work with his own personality in such a way as to eliminate from it those recurring manifestations which give rise to disturbance with a group or within any activity which the disciple is engaged.  This is particularly important.  I would have you realize that within the astral body of any individual or group of individuals are a number of old thought­forms which have been created by the individual himself.  These old thoughtforms are circling, rotating in the astral aura of the individual.  During cycles, these thoughtforms impinge upon the emotional awareness of the disciple, giving rise to react­ions which he himself does not understand and is not able to control.

If the disciple were to examine every situation in which he finds himself, whether it be pleasant or unpleasant, whether it be to his apparent benefit or to his apparent loss, he will discover that these situations follow a definite pattern.  He will find that various types of manifestation have occurred throughout the years, at very definite cyclic periods.  When he knows, then, the next period in which there is a danger of a recurrence of any type of manifestation which is conflict either to himself or to others, it is possible for him to avert the recurrence of that manifestation through subjective activity.”

171: “I wish to say just a few words regarding the Law of Cycles which could be utilized to advantage at this particular time.

We are concerned at this particular time with a peculiar type of cycle which normally appears in the life of an organi­zation such as this once every seven years.  This cycle of this particular organization began last January and will continue until next January.  It is that period in time and space when the path and the future meet, when cause is set into motion for a seven year cycle of effects on the physical plane of appear­ances.  This period in time and space is characterized by intelligent activity.  It is a period in which manifesting conditions are in a state of flux and can be manipulated to bring about any series of desired results.

This year, then (of 1953) is a most important year in the life of this particular organization since events manifesting during this period will produce an effect continuing over a seven year period which nothing or no one can change.

Remember this same cyclic period will not repeat for another seven years.”

Laws Universal, page 562 – 564: “The law of Cyclic Opportunity. This is a basic Law governing manifestation and must ever be applied by the one who initiates activity.  Disciples must learn to manipulate this Law, as well as be rightly affected by it. …

The Law of Cycles is, in essence, the activity aspect of the 3rd Ray.  It is intelligence in controlled motion and is wielded, as is the Law of Sacrifice, by the 1st Ray.  The disciple, polarized in the head, focuses his directing will upon the available intelligent substance within his own aura, and thus initiates the activity which produces manifestation. …

The manifestation in time and space of the actual moment of opportunity will depend upon the:

  1. Clearly formulated thought.
  2. The strength of the thought which is determined by its one‑pointed focus.
  3. The cyclic reappearance of the thought.

ANNIE BESANT and C.W. LEADBEATER: Man Whence, How and Whither
“… the law of progress is a law of cyclic change, and that under that law personalities, races, empires, and worlds pass away, and come not again– in that form; that all forms must perish; however beautiful, in order that the life within them may grow and expand.”

GEOFFREY HODSON: The Angelic Hosts

  • The law of laws, the fundamental basic law behind all systems, behind all universes, behind the very cosmos, is the law of forthgoing and return. The One Life Itself obeys that law. From Its first outpouring into a newborn universe, down to Its manifestation in the tiniest infusoria on a single globe, It breathes forth and withdraws; It ebbs and flows and pulses through all manifested life …
  • Slowly that awful wheel revolves and the law of cyclic growth is impressed upon the unknown and unknowable totality of created forms. Cosmic cycles answer to its rule. Universes are modelled upon its law. Systems are governed by its aeonic revolutions. Planets appear and disappear according to the measure of its law
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