Cosmic Law, Third Aspect, the Law of Matter
ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
39: “The Ray of intelligent activity. This is a ray of a very demonstrable glory, and of a higher point of development than the other two, being the product of an earlier mahakalpa, or a previous solar system. It embodies the basic vibration of this solar system, and is its great internal fire, animating and vitalising the whole, and penetrating from the centre to the periphery. It is the cause of rotary motion, and therefore of the spheroidal form of all that exists.

… the Law of Economy is the law governing the internal fires of the system …”

142: “The Third Logos. The third Logos, or Brahma, is characterised by active intelligence; His mode of action is that which we call rotary, or that measured revolution of the matter of the system, first as a grand totality, setting in movement the material circumscribed by the entire ring-pass-not, and secondly differentiating it, according to seven vibratory rates or measures into the seven planes. On each of these planes the process is pursued, and the matter of any plane within the plane ring-pass-not shows first as a totality and then as a sevenfold differentiation. This differentiation of matter is brought about by rotary motion, and is controlled by the Law of Economy (one of the cosmic laws) with which we will deal later, only pausing here to say that this Law of Economy might be considered as the controlling factor in the life of the third Logos.”

144: “The Law of Economy has for one of its branches a subsidiary Law of marked development called the Law of Repulsion. The cosmic Laws of Attraction and Economy are therefore the raison d’être (viewed from one angle) of the eternal repulsion that goes on as Spirit seeks ever to liberate itself from form.”

658: “Three Cosmic Laws. …

The third law is the Law of Economy, and is the law which adjusts all that concerns the material and spiritual evolution of the cosmos to the best possible advantage and with the least expenditure of force.  It makes perfect each atom of time, and each eternal period, and carries all onward, and upward, and through, with the least possible effort, with the proper adjustment of equilibrium, and with the necessary rate of rhythm.  Unevenness of rhythm is really an illusion of time, and does not exist in the cosmic centre.  We need to ponder on this, for it holds the secret of peace, and we need to grasp the significance of that word through,for it describes the next racial expansion of consciousness, and has an occult meaning.”

1182: “Students may find it of use to remember that,

  1. The Law of Economy demonstrates as an urge,
  2. The Law of Attraction as a pull,
  3. The Law of Synthesis as a tendency to concentrate at a centre, or to merge.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: White Magic, page
323: “The man who aims at providing a point of contact, between conditions of chaos and Those Who work for constructive ends and order, should likewise use that most necessary factor of common-sense in all that he does.  This involves always obedience to the law of economy of force, due to discrimination, and a true sense of values.  Where these are present, time will be economised, strength will be husbanded, energy will be wisely distributed, excessive zeal will be eliminated, and the Great Ones will be able to depend upon an aspirant’s sagacity and thus find a helper.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Applied Wisdom, Dark forces, page
192: “What does the Law of economy deal with? Basically it deals with the manifestation, does it not? It is the economy of the substantial forces of an organized life that results in manifestation, one kind of manifestation or another.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Creative Thinking, Lesson 24, page
98: ”The Will of God in relationship to substance works out upon this planet via three major laws, which, in turn, manifest a basic nature within all forms.

These laws are:

  1. The Law of Economy which states in effect that all forms shall serve the economy of the One Life. …
  2. The Law of Relativity …
  3. The Law of Periodicity …
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