LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Applied Wisdom, Grace, page
394: “Service invokes the Law of Grace.  The Law of Grace does not come into play prior to one’s entry into his karmic situation.  He enters the karmic situation according to his action within that situation.  It determines whether or not his love for humanity is great enough to invoke that Grace which is the Christ’s love of humanity.  No individual is presented with a problem that is too much for him or a problem that he cannot himself resolve. This does not have to do with the Law of Grace so much as it does with the invocation of the strength of the Soul. When you as a personality are involved in a problem which appears to be too much for you, you meditate through aspiration, to the solution to that problem.  The Law of Grace would make it possible for you to bear a very difficult situation or condition rather than take you out of it.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Creative Thinking, Lesson 7, page
31: “When humanity as a race reaches this point of realization and development, it shall begin to wield the Law of Grace, bringing an end to the round of cause and effect which holds it a prisoner upon this earth. Men and women rise up out of the effects of the past, bringing balance and adjustment into their affairs by serving one another. Thus do they cancel out the old debts and take their place in the Kingdom of God.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Nature of the Soul
Lesson 8, page 102: “Intelligent Activity, then, from the perspective of the Spiritual Soul, is the ability of the consciousness to control the motion of substance, to fix and maintain it in a desired orbit. This leads to initiation and adeptship.

The training process which leads to such attainment is entered into con­sciously …

Intelligent activity then speeds up the entire process of growth and development so a man may sense a goal or an ideal, expand his conscious­ness to embody that ideal, and realize its manifestation within his life and affairs in one, short lifetime.

Here is that Divine Activity of the Plan which, once realized and accepted, becomes analogous to the Law of Grace taught to the mass by Christianity.

Lesson 24, page 340: “When the man begins to think as the Soul, he is then enabled to adjust those karmic causes and effects within himself without going through the long, slow, outer process of action and reaction. He adjusts the karmic necessity within himself to the Divine Plan as he ideates that Plan, and invokes the Law of Grace or Mercy.

This has always been a subject of interest to probation­ers, for once a man becomes aware of the law of karma, it is difficult to see how something which has been set into motion can be offset or superseded. Yet, the Law of Love teaches a Law of Grace or Mercy, and it is so.”

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