Group Progress

Group Progress

5th Law of Group Work (esoteric name: The Law of Elevation)
ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
1217 – 18: “Law 5. The Law of Group Progress. This is sometimes called “the Law of Elevation” for it concerns the mysteries of group realisation, and expansions of consciousness and the part each unit plays in the general progress of a group.  In relation to the human family, for instance, the truth must ever be borne in mind that no human atom arrives at “fullness of life” without adding much to the general nature of his own group.  The elevation of a unit results in the raising of the group; the realisation of the unit brings about eventually group recognition; the initiation of the unit leads finally to planetary initiation, and the attainment of the goal by the human atom and his achievement of his objective brings about steadily and ceaselessly group achievement.  No man liveth to himself, and the crucifixion of the units throughout the aeons, and their realisation of their essential nature, only in order to offer up the best they have and realise to the interests of the group, are but the methods whereby the work of liberation is carried forward.”

1221: “For each of these Laws, there is a definite formula and symbol.  At this stage of teaching or through this Treatise, it is not possible to reveal or impart the formulas.  The symbol may be described …

Law 5.  The symbol for this is the mountain with a goat standing on the summit, and again an astrological sign, that of Capricorn, can be noted.  All hard places can be surmounted, and the summit reached by the “Divine Goat,” symbol of the group, viewed as a unit.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Psychology II, pages 174 – 198
174 – 177: “This law begins to function and to be registered in the personal consciousness when the aspirant has achieved certain definite realisations, and knows certain ideals as facts in his experience.  These might be listed in a very simple way and would then connote to the superficial student the simplest achievement of the Probationary Path. …

The Law of Group Progress can only begin to have a conscious effect in the life of the disciple who has been pledged and accepted.  When he has established certain rhythms, when he is working effectively along certain well recognised group lines, and when he is definitely and in understanding consciousness preparing himself for the expansions of initiation, then this law begins to sway him and he learns to obey it instinctively, intuitively and intellectually.  It is through obedience to this law that preparation for initiation is instituted by the disciple. …”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Leadership Training, chapter 16
My comment: The question of finances and funds for the work is discussed in some length and with reference to the laws of group progress – please read the whole chapter for a full understanding!

103: “The first step that every member of the entire group must enter into is an agreement which will create a one‑pointed focus of the will energy of the group which directs the energy, force and substance of that group in a specific direction.  I am referring to the overall group life and affairs, to all of those and more specifically to that group nucleus of disciples wherever they are functioning under Hierarchical contacts, those who are endeavoring to work with this advanced Plan in re­lationship to Lucille.

This may seem to you to be a presentation fraught with great obstacles, yet this is one of the Laws of group progress.  No matter what work any one of you individually might set out to do, you are a member of a group, and as such, the energy, force and substance will be either with your effort or it will be against your effort, or it will be so neutral that it will have little effect one way or another.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Disciple and Economy, Chapter 11, page
138: “Just to add to this picture, consider and answer this question.  How many hours of subjective effort did you give to the Plan during the past week?  Answer this only to yourselves.  I do not need to hear your answer.  A great effort has been made by a few, but the Law of group progress will not permit the success insofar as the outer life and affairs are concerned of those few.  The only way they can be successful if this condition continues would be to withdraw from the group and to work together without the oppositional weight, the dispersing of energies, the conflict in purpose and sheer emotional negativity as a result of the problem itself.”

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