Magic, Creative Process

Magic, Creative Process

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Nature of the Soul
Lesson 28, page 347: “The Art and Science of Magic, which we might also accurately define as the art and science of service, operates according to fixed laws which the proba­tioner is learning to manipulate. These laws control the movement of energy, force, and substance into prede­termined patterns, which we call forms.

As the Soul comprehends the Law, and manipulates it in cooperation with Divine Purpose and Plan, He masters the form nature and not only liberates himself from its prison, but uses it (the form nature) in service to The Christ.”

Lesson 29, page 359:” The appearance of form on any plane of existence pre­supposes that its cre­ator has consciously or uncon­sciously cooperated with the law, and that working under and with that law, he has followed a certain process which we call magic. The process results in an appearance of form, where before there was no form.”

Lesson 29, page 363 – 366: “The laws which have to do with the creative process concern:

  1. The illumination of the three.

We are concerned here with the equation of spirit, matter, and consciousness. Into what relationship must these three be placed in order to produce a mani­festa­tion of the Plan? …

  1. The appropriation of substance and its creation into devic form.

The building of the form proceeds in four frequencies of prime matter. This means that behind all form on any plane of existence are four frequencies, sometimes referred to as the four elements of earth, air, fire and water.

They are known by the occultist as
1 = esoteric light
2 = esoteric sound
3 = esoteric color
4 = esoteric vibration.

These four frequencies of prime matter make up the substance of any plane of existence, and are the stuff out of which the devic form is constructed.

The magician must appropriate these four elements, and in their proper combination construct the devic form into which the Plan can be carried into outer manifestation.”

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