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ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Healing, page
522 – 23: “What we call the Laws of Nature were the highest phase of the divine life possible in the first solar system.  They are primarily the laws inherent in the life aspect of the form and have in them, therefore, the seeds of death.  The Laws of the Soul as they subordinate and render negative the Laws of Nature, are the highest laws to which humanity (the highest kingdom in nature at present) can respond, and these—when fulfilled—will conclude the purpose of the second solar system.  The Laws of Life itself will finally supersede the Laws of the Soul and will completely offset and negate the Laws of Nature; these laws will be distinctive of the third solar system—the last personality expression of the solar Logos through the medium of the Seven Planetary Logoi with their varying forms and soul expressions.

Three Groups of Laws
We have, therefore, three groups of laws which govern the expression of the living purpose in this second solar system—one developed and another developing, with the third latent and relatively quiescent.

  1. The Laws of Nature—the separative laws of the form nature.
  2. The Laws of the Soul—the blending laws of group integrity.
  3. The Laws of Life—the dynamic laws of Being itself.”

ANNIE BESANT: Basis of Morality, page
22 – 23: “Let us first define Morality. It is the science of human relations, the Science of Conduct, and its laws, as inviolable, as sure, as changeless, as all other laws of Nature, can be discovered and formulated. Harmony with these laws, like harmony with all other natural laws, is the condition of happiness, for in a realm of law none can move without pain while disregarding law. A law of Nature is the statement of an inviolable and constant sequence external to ourselves and unchangeable by our will, and amid the conditions of these inviolable sequences we live, from these we cannot escape. One choice alone is ours: to live in harmony with them or to disregard them …”

ANNIE BESANT: The Laws of the Higher Life
“ … when we speak of the Laws of Nature, we do not mean any one of the things that we have taken as characteristic of the laws of man. The Law of Nature is not a command issued by any authority. It is a statement of the conditions under which a certain thing invariably happens; … Wherever those conditions  are found, there will follow a certain event; it is the declaration of a sequence, a succession, unchanging, immutable, unrepealable, because these laws are expressions of the Divine Nature, in which there is no change, … You may break the law of man; you cannot break the Law of Nature. The Law remains the same whatever you may do.”

ANNIE BESANT: Discipleship and some Karmic Problems
“No one who has studied anything of Science will deny the existence of the Laws of Nature. Those laws are not commands. They are simply statements of certain successions, or sequences that have been observed to happen, so that when one thing has happened, another definite thing invariably follows it. This is fundamental for the understanding of what is called Karma, and must be clearly understood.

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