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ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
5: “There is a basic law called the Law of Periodicity. This law governs all manifestation, whether it is the manifestation of a solar Logos through the medium of a solar system, or the manifestation of a human being through the medium of a form. This law controls likewise in all the kingdoms of nature.”

274: “2. Repetition of Cyclic Action is Governed by Two Laws: Perhaps it is more accurate to say that it is governed by one law, primarily, and a subsidiary law. …

The general law, which produces cyclic effect, is the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, of which the subsidiary law is the Law of Periodicity, and of Rebirth.”

797: “The Law of Periodicity is one, but as it is based upon initial impulse, and upon the rhythmic beat of the “central heart” or the “central sun” of any organism (solar system, planetary scheme, planetary chain, egoic group or individual egoic life) the true nature or “family” of any such organism must be ascertained before cyclic pronouncements can be made with any hope of approximate accuracy.”

1033: “The Law of Periodicity is the effect produced by the amalgamation of these two types of force with a third.  The two types of force or energy are the activity of the first Aspect, the logoic will or purpose, and the energy of the second aspect.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: White Magic, page
7 – 10: “This book will be based also upon four fundamental postulates which must be admitted by the student of the succeeding pages as providing an hypothesis worthy of his consideration and trial. …

  1. The fourth postulate consists of the statement that all lives manifest cyclically.  This is the Theory of Rebirth or of re-incarnation, the demonstration of the law of periodicity.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Healing, page
89 – 91: My comment: In these pages are mentioned the Law of Periodicity, the Law of Rhythm and the Law of Cycles in a way that it seems to be the same law only with different names, re. quote under the Law of Rhythm.

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Psychology I, page
65: “The purpose of the first ray, and its main work, is to produce cessation and the death of all forms in all kingdoms in nature and on all planes.  The energy of this ray Lord brings about the death of an ant or of a solar system, of an organisation, a religion, or a government, of a race type or of a planet.  His will or purpose works out through the law of periodicity.”

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Ashramic Projections, page 81 and Applied Wisdom
Headquaters and Rays, page 429: ”The 7th Ray expresses without regard to time and space and this is the basic difference between the expression of these two rays within the civilization.  The 3rd Ray demands that the working out from the subjective into the objective must follow specific, defined steps that make their appearance, each one, in the physical plane of affairs.  The 7th Ray expresses itself without regard for this sequential manifestation of each step or each sequence which results in a final appearance. The 7th Ray follows its own logic, so to speak, but is governed by several cosmic laws working in relationship to one another.  One of these laws is the Law of Periodicity.  The 7th Ray, being governed by this law, and it being therefore expressive to a certain degree of it, follows in its manifestation of  appearance a cyclic motion which does not account for, or necessitate, the physical appearance of that subjectivity which rests between the intervals in the cycle of this expression.

Immortality, page 496: “Shall we say from the perspective of planetary or solar appearances, the entity or being is immortal, moving through various states, positions, offices, etc.  The continuity of consciousness is the only real immortality.  No matter how much continuity of consciousness he achieves, he still goes in and out of incarnation.  Clear to the center – the cosmic center of contact with the One About Whom Naught May Be Said – this is true.  The Law of Periodicity is a cosmic one which issues out of the very center of all created, creative Light, and moves back upon itself into that center.”

Lesson 24, page 98 and 101 – 102: “The Will of God in relationship to substance works out upon this planet via three major laws, which, in turn, manifest a basic nature within all forms.

These laws are:

  1. The Law of Economy …
  2. The Law of Relativity …
  3. The Law of Periodicity which states in effect
  1. That every form has its own inherent cycles of growth, maturity, and decline, these cycles being impressed upon it at the moment of its conception by the focused Intent of the consciousness involved.
  2. That the cyclic activity of every form is peculiar to the form itself, yet subject to and contained within the more powerful cycles of that organized Life of which it is a functioning part.

… Our first consideration of this law, in order to approach its meaning lies in the fact that every form carries as a part of its inherent nature its own cycles of activity. These cycles were impressed upon or impregnated within the form at the moment of its conception by the focused intent of the creating consciousness.”

Lesson 25, page 103: “A focused Intent of the Soul, which we referred to earlier as the motivating Impulse for a particular reincarnation, produces a planned activity (form) which progresses to its conclusion via a cyclic, rhythmic alteration of the form. The Law of Periodicity, which, in conjunction with other Laws, governs this process, can be understood more easily as the Law which governs the movement of the form in time and space. It is this movement which results in activity.”

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