Subsidiary law of the Law of Economy and 4th Law of Group Work (esoteric name: The Law of all Destroying Angels)
ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
144: “The activity of the second Logos is carried on under the cosmic Law of Attraction. The Law of Economy has for one of its branches a subsidiary Law of marked development called the Law of Repulsion. The cosmic Laws of Attraction and Economy are therefore the raison d’être (viewed from one angle) of the eternal repulsion that goes on as Spirit seeks ever to liberate itself from form. The matter aspect always follows the line of least resistance, and repulses all tendency to group formation, while Spirit, governed by the Law of Attraction, seeks ever to separate itself from matter by the method of attracting an ever more adequate type of matter in the process of distinguishing the real from the unreal, and passing from one illusion to another until the resources of matter are fully utilized.”

154: “We have referred to the Law of Repulsion as one of the subsidiary branches of the great Law of Economy, which governs matter. Repulsion is brought about by rotary action, and is the basis of that separation which prevents the contact of any atom with any other atom, which keeps the planets at fixed points in space and separated stably from each other; which keeps them at a certain distance from their systemic centre, and which likewise keeps the planes and subplanes from losing their material identity. Here we can see the beginning of that age-long duel between Spirit and matter, which is characteristic of manifestation, one aspect working under the Law of Attraction, and the other governed by the Law of Repulsion. From aeon to aeon the conflict goes on, with matter becoming less potent. Gradually (so gradually as to seem negated when viewed from the physical plane) the attractive power of Spirit is weakening the resistance of matter till, at the close of the greater solar cycles, destruction (as it is called) will ensue, and the Law of Repulsion be overcome by the Law of Attraction. It is a destruction of form and not of matter itself, for matter is indestructible.”

219: “The subsidiary laws under the Law of Economy are four in number, dealing with the lower quaternary: …

  1. The Law of Repulsion, governs that relationship between atoms, which results in their non-attachment and in their complete freedom from each other; it also keeps them rotating at fixed points from the globe or sphere of opposite polarity.”

274: “2. Repetition of Cyclic Action is Governed by Two Laws: …

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that it is governed by one law, primarily, and a subsidiary law.

The general law, which produces cyclic effect, is the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, of which the subsidiary law is the Law of Periodicity, and of Rebirth.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
1217: “Law 4.  The Law of Repulsion.  This law concerns itself with the ability of an atom to throw off, or refuse to contact, any energy deemed inimical to group activity.  It is literally a law of service, but only comes consciously into play when the atom has established certain basic discriminations, and guides its activities through a knowledge of the laws of its own being.  This law is not the same as the Law of Repulsion which is used in connection with the Law of Attraction between forms which have relation to the material.  The laws we are now considering have relation to the psyche, or to the Vishnu aspect.  One group of laws concern energies emanating from the physical sun; the ones we are now considering emanate from the heart of the Sun.  The “repulsion” here dealt with has the effect (when consciously applied through the developed heart energy of a human atom, for instance) of furthering the interests of the repulsed unit and of driving this unit closer to its own centre.  Perhaps some idea of the great beauty of this law as it works out can be gathered from an occult phrase in a certain old book:

“This repulsive force drives in seven directions, and forces all that it contacts back to the bosom of the seven spiritual fathers.”

Through repulsion, the units are driven home and the straying unconscious ones are forced towards their own centre.  The Law of Repulsion, or the stream of energy for which it is but a name, can work from any centre, but as dealt with here, it must emanate from the heart if it is to bring about the necessary group work.”

1220: “For each of these Laws, there is a definite formula and symbol.  At this stage of teaching or through this Treatise, it is not possible to reveal or impart the formulas.  The symbol may be described …

 Law 4.  Here we have the angel with the flaming sword turning in all directions.  This symbolism is held true in the Bible where the Angel guards the treasure, and drives man forth in search of another way of entrance, thus forcing him through the cycle of rebirth until he finds the portal of initiation.  This portal is occultly regarded as freed from the intervention of the sword as man has developed the ability to soar and mount as an eagle on wings.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Psychology II, pages 147 – 174
147 – 48: “First of all, it is well to realise that this law has certain characteristics and basic effects which might be briefly enumerated as follows:—

  1. The energy displayed is dissipating in its effect.  This law works as a dispersing agent.
  2. When in active expression, it causes an active scattering or rejection of the aspects of form life.
  3. It produces a discriminating contact which leads eventually to what is esoterically called “the Way of divine refusal.”
  4. It is, nevertheless, an aspect of the Law of Love, of the Vishnu or Christ aspect, and concerns an attitude of the soul, whose essential nature is love.
  5. This law expresses itself through the mind nature, and therefore can only make its presence and influence felt upon the Path of Discipleship.
  6. It is the prime pre-requisite to true self-knowledge. It reveals at the same time that it divides or scatters.
  7. It works through love and for the interest of the unit,—the form and the existence which finally repulses the form.
  8. It is an aspect of one of the greatest cosmic laws, the Law of the Soul, which is the cosmic Law of Attraction, for that which is attracted in time is automatically and eventually repulsed by that which attracted it in the first instance.

This law is one which primarily begins to impress the divine purpose upon the consciousness of the aspirant, and dictates to him those higher impulses and those spiritual decisions which mark his progress upon the Path. …”

159: “Once the aspirant upon the Probationary Path has a vision of this [the truth](no matter how slight it may be), then the law of desire which has governed him for ages will slowly and surely give place to the Law of Repulse, which will, in time, free him from the thralldom of not-self.  It will lead him to those discriminations and that dispassionate attitude which is the hallmark of the man who is on his way to liberation.”

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