ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
831: “We have endeavored above to convey a general idea of the evolutionary process in connection with the Ego, and its progression under karmic and cyclic law.  If the student ponders upon these two laws it will become apparent to him that both might be summed up under the generic term of the Law of Rhythm.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: White Magic, page
65 – 66: “The stilling of the mind depends upon the law of rhythm.  If you are vibrating in many directions and registering thoughts from all sides, this law will be unable to touch you.  Balance and poise must be restored before equilibrium can be reached.  The law of vibration and the study of atomic substance are closely intertwined.  When more is known about these atoms and their action, reaction and inter-action, then people will control their bodies scientifically, synchronizing the laws of vibration and of rhythm.  They are the same and yet unlike.  They are phases of the law of gravitation.  The earth is itself an entity which, by the force of will, holds all things to itself.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Healing, page
89: “A. Wrong Mental Attitudes. I would like to deal, first of all, with the basic premise that disease and physical liabilities are not the result of wrong thought.  They are far more likely to be the result of no thought at all, or are caused by the failure to follow those fundamental laws which govern the Mind of God.  One interesting instance of this failure is the fact that man does not follow the basic Law of Rhythm, which governs all the processes of nature, and man is a part of nature.  It is to this failure to work with the Law of Periodicity that we can trace much of the difficulty inherent in the use and the misuse of the sex urge.  Instead of man being governed by the cyclic manifestation of the sex impulse, and his life, therefore, being ruled by a definite rhythm, there exists at this time no such thing, except in the cycles through which the female passes, and little attention is paid to these.  The male, however, is not governed by any such cycles, and has broken in also on the rhythm to which the female body should be subordinated, and which – rightly understood – would determine the use of the sex relationship, including naturally the male impulse also.  This failure to live by the Law of Periodicity and to subordinate the appetites to cyclic control is one of the major causes of disease; and as these laws are given form on the mental plane, one might legitimately say that their infringement has a mental basis.  This might be the case if the race were working mentally, but it is not.  It is in the modern world of today that there is beginning a widespread infringement of these mental laws, particularly of the Law of Cycles, which determines the tides, controls world events and should also condition the individual and so establish rhythmic life habits—one of the major predisposing incentives to good health.”

“And how shall we meet these moods? First, I think, by a recognition of what is called the law of rhythm, which H.P.B, in The Secret Doctrine, puts as one of the fundamental truths; and yet it is a law which few people understand at all, apparently, in its bearing on themselves. What are these moods of enthusiasm and indifference but the inevitable working of this law of periodicity? These moods must take their part in our emotional and intellectual life – as inevitably as night and day, as necessary as night and day. A person who was without these changes would be like a person who is either always in the night or always in the day. But the wise man should endeavour to bring the day into the night and the night into the day, and that brings about what is often called the Higher Indifference, an equability that is maintained under all conditions. It is not that the night and day cease to follow each other; it is not that the darkness and light do not still fall upon the soul; but that the soul, recognising them, is no longer affected by them, feels them without being shaken by them, experiences them without confusing them with himself.”

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