3rd Law of Group Work (esoteric name: Law of Water and of fishes)
ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
1216 – 17: “Law 3. The Law of Service.  This law, for want of a better name, concerns the identification of an atom with the group interest, and the steady negation of the atom’s own material interests; it really deals with the process or method whereby an atom (positive in its own centralised life) gradually becomes responsive and receptive to the positive life of the group.”

1220 – 21: “For each of these Laws, there is a definite formula and symbol.  At this stage of teaching or through this Treatise, it is not possible to reveal or impart the formulas.  The symbol may be described …

Law 3.  A pitcher of water, balanced on the head of a man, standing in the form of a cross.  It is this law which brings in the energy, symbolised by the sign Aquarius, and this law is the governing factor of the Aquarian age.  It might here be added that the symbol for Law 2 was the origin of the balance or scales of the sign Libra, but in the course of the ages its true form was distorted.  Not all the astrological signs can be traced to the symbols, for only a few can be traced back as far as the Master’s ashram.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Psychology II, page 117 – 147
117 – 119: “We come now to the consideration of the third Law of the Soul, which is intended to govern all soul activity.  It is the Law of Service.  However, before we elaborate this theme, there are three things which I seek to say and which merit our careful attention.

First, is the fact that the result of all contact achieved in meditation and the measure of our success, will be determined by the ensuing service to the race. …

Secondly, this Law of Service is something which may not be escaped.  Evasion brings its penalties, if that evasion is conscious.  Ability to serve marks a definite stage of advance upon the Path, and until that stage is reached, spontaneous service, rendered in love and guided by wisdom, cannot be given. …

Thirdly this Law of Service was expressed for the first time fully by the Christ two thousand years ago.  He was the forerunner of the Aquarian Age, and hence His constant emphasis upon the fact that He was the “water of life”, the “living water” which men needed.  Hence the esoteric name of this law is that of “water and the fishes. …”

122: “The Law of Service is the expression of the energy of a great Life, who, in cooperation with Him “in Whom we live and move and have our being”, is subjecting the human family to certain influences and streams of energy which will eventually do three things:

  1. Awaken the heart centre in all aspirants and disciples.
  2. Enable emotionally polarised humanity to focus intelligently in the mind.
  3. Transfer the energy of the solar plexus into the heart. …”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Rays and The Initiations, page
440: “The Masters know, however, that a higher, deeper and more intensive manifestation of divinity is potentially possible, but it causes Them no concern or strain, no anxiety or fiery aspiration; They know, as no disciple can know, the workings of the Law of Inevitability. This Law releases the Masters (under the accompanying Law of Service), at the sixth initiation, into a wider field of experience, with all the divine assets and qualities so developed within Them that They know that Their equipment is adequate to the undertaking and that They can, without hesitancy and concern, take the next required steps.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Discipleship in the New Age I, page
551: “The Law of Service, as you know, is the governing law of the future and embodies the new technique. In past ages, it was the service of one’s own soul (with the emphasis upon one’s own individual salvation) which engrossed the attention of the aspirant. Naught else was considered. Then came the period wherein the service of the Master and also of one’s own soul was considered of dominant interest; the Master was served and duty to Him emphasised because thereby the salvation of the individual was aided. Now a new note is sounding forth—the note of growth through the service of the race, and through a cultivated self-forgetfulness.”

ALICE A. BAILEY: Esoteric Psychology I, page
272: “The process [of incarnation] is under law, but the unevolved progress under group law as do the animals, whilst the more evolved are susceptible to the pull of human units, and the evolved come into incarnation under the Law of Service, and through the deliberate choice of their conscious souls.”

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