Systemic Laws

LUCILLE CEDERCRANS: Applied Wisdom, Dark Forces, page
183: ” Every individual who enters upon the Path of Discipleship will find himself in combat, so to speak, with this opposition in accordance with the systemic Laws, which, if it were not for these Laws, would mean the end of any effort of the White Lodge at its beginning. Such Laws prevent disciples in the Black Lodge from attacking those of a lesser degree in the White Lodge than they them­selves are. In other words, those who are comparable to a senior disciple or Master within the Hierarchy, must focus their attacks in that particular area of responsibility. They cannot focus their attack directly upon younger disciples. They must work through those disciples who have taken the left‑hand path. They are permitted, however, via devic control and contact, to use the weaknesses of the disciple and through their attention to these weaknesses, to activate and stimulate whatever negativity within the disciple will serve as an op­positional force.”

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